Course title in Estonian: Kognitiiv-käitumisteraapia juhendatud praktika
Course title in English: Supervised practice of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
The type of training: Continuing professional training for adults
Nominal duration: 1,5 years
Volume: 12 ECTS (312 hrs of practice of CBT under supervision)
Language of instruction: Estonian

Objectives of the course: Acquisition of the proficiency in CBT / professional competency B2.10 for Clinical Psychologist-Psychotherapist according to Estonian professional standard Clinical Psychologist, level 7 (

Learning outcomes: 
 1. has skills to assess the patient´s condition, problems and suitability for CBT;
 2. has skills to conceptualize the problems of the patient/client into disorder-specific CBT model;
 3. has skills to set goals for therapy and develop intervention plan adequate to the patient´s needs;
 4. has skills to conduct the therapeutic process in cooperative and flexible manner across full course and individual sessions;
 5. has skills to analyze the therapy outcome and make changes in therapy plan;
 6. has skills to plan and conduct booster sessions adequate to the patient´s needs and to guide the patient in relapse prevention;
 7. has acquired mastery in wide range of CBT techniques and is able to implement them adequately to the condition of the patient; also has high-level knowledge in theories of psychopathology and CBT models, is able to implement theory in practice, to understand current scientific research and to contribute to it.

Content of the course: Implementation of CBT skills and knowledge in practical work, conducting CBT under supervision within a broad range of disorders and patient/client types; observation /close supervision; theoretical and methodological discussions with supervisor.

Entry requirements: Prerequisite is graduation of the Advanced course in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Admission is based on the graduation exam of the course and intake interview with (potential) supervisor.

Graduation requirements: Conducted at least 312 hrs of CBT including at least 3 types of disorders/problems; at least 8 cases supervised through full therapy process. To get the accreditation applicant will submit to the committee: (1) log-book of the supervision sessions; (2) 8 case conceptualizations, of which 2 full (2000-4000 wrd) and 6 short (2-3 pages incl disorder-specific model); (3) positive evaluation from the supervisor (1-2 pages). Participants who successfully passed the course receive a certificate of graduation, which qualifies them for independent practice CBT, gives right to apply to the Estonian Professional Qualification Committee for Clinical Psychologists for the qualification of the Clinical Psychologist-Psychotherapist ( and to become a trainer in Introductory course of CBT.

Training rooms, equipment & materials: Training environment confirms to the occupational health and safety requirements as prescribed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Trainers: CBT therapists with full training in CBT, at least 5 yrs of work experience in CBT, and qualification of CBT supervisor of EKKA.

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